Lawrence Berzon


Other Work Category


2007, oil on panel, 16 x 20.5 inches

The paintings in this portfolio explore cultural obsession with feminine perfection, the concept of loss, rebirth and ironic twists of fate and betrayal.

This series delves into the complex and contradictory notions surrounding this societal obsession, which in turn places immense pressure on women to strive towards these elusive, perceived standards of beauty. It is this perpetual unhealthy obsession with physical appearance that drives my work to seek to challenge these expectations by presenting alternative narratives. 

Loss and rebirth are fundamental aspects of our human experience, often intertwined with one another. I explore these concepts through various symbolic representations, capturing moments of vulnerability, transformation, and renewal.  The aim is to evoke an emotional resonance within each viewer and to invite contemplation about the cyclical nature of life.

Irony, twists of fate and betrayal are all themes that add layers of complexity to this artistic exploration. Drawing inspiration from literature, mythology, and personal experiences, I’ve incorporated unexpected juxtapositions, narrative subversions and dramatic tension into each of these paintings. Through these elements , I would hope to provoke a personal introspection, engaging the viewer in a diologue about the unpredictable, sometimes capricious nature of existen.