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Purge Your Anxiety

Now you can free yourself from worry and tension caused by difficulties in your life. This stress may spawn demons that grow inside of you and can take control of your inner self if not stopped. Purge your anxiety. Focus on positive thoughts, deposit 25 cents, and the exorcism will begin.

Purge Your Anxiety

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New Jersey Monthly

With the push of a button or the turn of a crank, 27 whimsical robots and sculptures come to life in a new exhibit at the Morris Museum.

NY1 – Sculpture House Casting

For 101 years, Sculpture House Casting has always been family owned. 48-year-old Michael Perrotta now runs the business for his semi-retired father.

Morristown Green

Curious Characters, which runs through June 2018, is the first installment of a four-year series called A Cache of Kinetic Art.

Kinetic Sculptures


Will render a just judgement on anyone who has wronged you. Deposit 25 cents, and retribution will be yours. For best results, meditate on your enemy. The Reckoning will channel your hate, and your nemesis will feel the pain of your focused intentions. Experience the pleasure of avenging evil with no consequences to the purity of your soul.